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What is a Chimney Cake?

Baltimore's 1st Chimney Cake Bakery!


Buns & Roses Chimney Cakes has a host of delicious treats and desserts, where we feature our signature dessert the "Chimney Cake", which was made famous in Europe. It is a sweet dough with a crispy caramelized crunchy outside and a light fluffy dough inside. We pair this delicious treat soft serve ice cream and a confection of toppings.


Our chimney cones are filled with Creamy Soft Serve Ice Cream, Caramel, Nutella, Fruits, and many more fun fillings.

Chimney Cakes are traditionally called Kürtöskalács, which is the official dessert of Hungary. At Buns & Roses we make our Chimney Cakes fresh daily. We offer delicious vegan chimney cakes and lactose free ice cream.

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803 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21230

 ​​Tel: 410-858-1084

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